To revolutionise Asia Pacific's sport clothing industry through commitment to customer value, to our team, to selling directly, and to manufacturing responsibly.”


A company as proud of their products and services as you will be to use them.

FHS is one of the world's leading clothing manufacturers. We design, manufacture and distribute our garments directly to satisfy a rand of customer requirements and eliminate cost adding distribution networks.


Most importantly we manufacture your garments in our own factories in Australia and around the world, which not only ensures faster turn-around times and higher quality but helps us guarantee Asia Pacific lowest pricing by handling our own distribution, this ultimately, differentiates us from our competition.

We boast a client list which is the envy of our competitors.

Their loyalty is testimony to our incredible service, quality and prices. We do business directly with our customers, creating stronger relationships, one at a time and believe we do it better than anyone on the planet.

FHS Edge

Some say it is our unique blend of value for money, our dedicated, friendly team and our ability to do anything. We like to think it's our commitment to customer value, to our team, to selling directly, to manufacturing responsibly and more importantly, to provide customer satisfaction with each other.